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ENEX Eco Loo

Ideal for civil defense response, construction, mining, event management, disaster recovery, emergency relief, and more.

Our ENEX Eco Loo toilet system has been designed to provide a hygienic environment for both males and females when nature calls. Able to be connected to mine supply air, water and power, the ENEX Eco Loo provides just that. Using a specially formulated ENEX Eco-Zyme, the eco-friendly chemical works with the finely tuned air supply to break down the solids and paper, whilst using the process of evaporation to create a system that only requires emptying every 4-6 months (use dependent). We have also developed the ENEX waste transfer cassette and accessories to streamline the emptying process without needing to ever bring the toilets to the surface. Contact us to discuss on-going service and maintenance options. 

ENEX Eco Loo Key Features:
  • Biodegradable ecofriendly enzymes.
  • Six monthly emptying depending on usage.
  • Robust construction.
  • Ease of servicing.
  • Various emptying options – suction truck, removable cassette, or gravity.
  • Plug into existing services or stand-alone operation.
  • Comes with lifting eyes and fork pockets.
The ENEX Eco Loo is a self-contained toilet and biological treatment module designed to be simple to operate and maintain in both underground and above ground environments. Using a biodegradable, non-toxic enzyme-based solution, aeration and oxygenation through an internal compressed air bubbler system quickly breaks down the waste material solids into liquid where the dehydrating actions within the system results in evaporation and discharge through external air vents. Effluent odour is reduced to a minimum and scheduled emptying of the treatment tank can be extended depending on usage. External compressed air and mains pressure water supply (8 bar max) is required to operate the toilet and waste treatment. 240 volts is required for lighting only, although additional electrical components can be added if required. The ceramic toilet is simple to use with a foot operated pedal flush and is designed to be used with the minimum amount of water.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, including mining operations, construction sites, event management sanitation, emergency response, and civil defence toilets for natural disaster relief.

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