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Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Site Weld NZ works hard to prevent accidents and injuries.

All staff, contractors and customers here at Site Weld NZ must be committed to health and safety and reducing the impact on our environment when they are in the workshop or out on site.
All staff are given a full health and safety induction into our company procedures and protocols. All of our procedures are put in place with the first consideration given to health and safety and the environment.

Our aim
Site Weld NZ aim for
• The elimination of unsafe behaviour
• Zero accidents whether it be in the workshop, on site or in a vehicle

Site Weld NZ provide and maintain a safe working environment for our staff. We have a comprehensive list of qualifications including working at heights and confined space. We do not hesitate in training our staff and supply them with all of the safety equipment needed for them to do their job. We ensure all of our machinery and equipment is regularly serviced and have routine check lists in place. All equipment is used only in the way it was designed to be used. We will not expose our staff to any uncontrolled hazards.

Drug testing
All employees and prospective employees at Site Weld NZ are drug tested prior to being employed, randomly and if they are involved in an incident or accident.

We have tertiary-level accreditation of ACC’s Workplace Safety Management practices.

We are a member of Site Safe, and hold the Site Wise Gold Certificate.

We are an approved contractor with PREQUAL.

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