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Miller Big Blue 800 Duo Air Pak

Getting Shit Done Even More Efficiently With The Miller Big Blue 800 Duo Air Pak

Site Weld NZ Ltd are stoked to have purchased New Zealand’s first and only Miller Big Blue 800 Duo Air Pak.

This beauty is the most powerful diesel engine-driven welder/AC generator in the industry.

Site Weld NZ will save you time and money

With the Big Blue 800 mobile industrial welder, we can have two operators working at the same time from the one machine. This not only saves everyone both time and money, it is ideal for labour intensive job sites or sites with limited space. No job is too big, no site is too small.

Site Weld NZ are always looking for equipment that provides high-amperage welding and carbon arc gouging capabilities, along with consistent, clean generator power and the Miller Big Blue 800 Duo Air Pak provides that in spades.

It is an all-in-one portable welder/generator/air compressor. The industrial Ingersoll Rand screw-type air compressor is ideal for gouging and running pneumatic tools.

Cleaner air, increased fuel economy

This is the cleanest, greenest diesel power available. Because it uses diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology, it keeps the air clean without the need for any exhaust after-treatment maintenance.

Better fuel economy, coupled with dual arcs means more profit for your business. Miller estimates that its dual-operator units are 34% more efficient than two equivalent single-operator units.

Perfect for all your heavy industrial welding needs

Our new baby is perfectly suited for all heavy industrial applications such as mining maintenance, heavy transport maintenance, mechanical contractor needs, construction applications, marine, oil and gas maintenance, and anything else we might throw at it.

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