Site Weld NZ Ltd News Feed Site Weld NZ Ltd Sparks and Shit was the brief.... Weld NZ has had a facelift... we are MEAN and you need to check us out.<br /> <br /> Site Weld has recently moved premises and are now located in Bauchop Street, Dunedin.<br /> We have doubled our size, taken on some more staff and our workshop is just humming.<br /> <br /> We pride ourselves on our forward thinking staff who take on your problems and create solutions.<br /> <br /> Watch this space, great things to come.<br /> <br /> Click the link and see what you think?<br /> <br /> <a href="/" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:1">Site Weld NZ Ltd</a><br /> <br />1409227200 and Shit was the brief.... Mobile Friendly Website website is now mobile friendly! Grab your smart phone, head to our website and check us out, we're looking pretty flash!1408968000 Friendly Website Party Bus party bus came in needing a slide out BBQ installed in the luggage compartment.<br />1394103600 Bus Tanker chassis project complete. project was on the go for months but it's finally finished! We started out with just the tank, under the instruction to build it a chassis.&nbsp;It took a lot of hard work and many hours to complete but&nbsp;we got there.&nbsp;There's no job too big for the Site Weld team.1390906800 chassis project complete. Ford Ranger Flat Deck beauty has just left our workshop. We fabricated the flat deck which has extra bracing to support the weight of the 5th wheel, suited for a large caravan, that we installed as well. This 5th wheel is removable so the vehicle can be used as a standard flat deck truck. Have a look at our <a href="/pages/10/Projects" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:10">projects page</a> to see more photos.<br />1384945200 Ranger Flat Deck Exciting News that needs to be shouted!! CILT Awards (The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in New Zealand Inc.) were held last night in Auckland.<br /> These awards recognise the best safety, security or environmental innovation in supply chain management, logistics and/or transport during the period from 1st July to 30th June.<br /> This Award recognises a cost effective innovation in safety devices, systems, procedures and regulations including care of the environment and bio-security in any aspect of the New Zealand logistics, transport or supply chain sectors involving the movement of people and freight.<br /> The work which results in the Award should involve a substantial level of innovation and change that has enhanced significantly the operations and success of the individuals or of their organizations involvement in the sector or to safety and/or security during the movement of people and freight.<br /> We are extremely proud to let you know that Sam Stanley from NFA Holdings Ltd, Dunedin was presented with this award last night for his innovative visual concept in Safety Latches.<br /> A simple but ingenious system that allows the log cargo handler to wrap the wire lifting strops around the heave (bunch of logs) and then hook onto the lifting monkey allowing the cargo handler to walk away without holding the wires in place as the weight comes on the crane. <br /> Previously the handlers had to hold the wires as the weight came on causing fingers to be squashed or dismembered &ndash; this is a not just a local Health and Safety issue but an international problem that was causing serious harm incidents weekly.<br /> NFA Holdings Ltd in conjunction with Site Weld NZ Ltd initiated Sam&rsquo;s concept and produced a high quality Safety Latch that is now rolling out around the country, currently being used in Dunedin, Bluff, Tauranga and Gisborne.<br /> We are really stoked to be part of your success and thank you for letting us be your first port of call for all your engineering needs now and in the future.<br /> Congratulations Sam!!!<br /> <br />1382007600 News that needs to be shouted!! Side Loader Project's been four months but we have finally completed this side loader project. There's been a lot of hard work and hours gone into this and we are proud of what we have accomplished. Check out the post on our <a href=";set=a.400081166707178.87883.398580240190604&amp;type=1&amp;theater">facebook page</a> to see what the job involved.1380711600 Loader Project Bush Guarding Package Complete have completed the fabrication of&nbsp;the guarding package, fitted, painted, installed and delivered it giving us another happy customer. It looked as good as new (if not better) when it left our workshop. We've been keeping you up to date on our <a href="">facebook page</a> but make sure you jump onto our <a href="/pages/10/Projects" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:10">projects page</a> to have a look at the before and after&nbsp;pictures.1376222400 Guarding Package Complete Live floor hopper/firewood screening trommel live floor hopper/firewood screening trommel was&nbsp;fabricated by our guys right here in our workshop. After many hours of work, the job was finally completed. We are very proud of the quality of our work, this machine looks smart!&nbsp;This machine is designed to screen the firewood before it is loaded onto the truck for delivery. It was delivered to site and put through its paces with no problems the day after work was completed. You can check out a video of it operating <a href=";feature=youtube_gdata_player">here.</a> <br /> Contact Malc, 0272088610 or <a href=""></a>, for&nbsp;any enquiries.&nbsp;1375272000 floor hopper/firewood screening trommel